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Paul Loggins wearing blue plaid shirt sitting on stairs

Throughout his career, Paul Loggins has pushed against boundaries changing the landscape of the music industry. As founder of cutting edge companies including Loggins Promotion, LLC, Backstage Enterainment Group, LLC (with its services of AirplayAccessSTS(Spins Tracking System, New Music Radio Network, New Music Showcase), New Music Weekly, LLC, and its New Music Awards which celebrates both major and independent artists/bands, radio programmers and music industry executives.  As veteran record promoter,  Loggins has dedicated three decades of his career supporting independent musicians.

Loggins’ decades of accomplishments are diverse and extensive which has received him numerous awards and industry accolades. Prior to his years as music industry veteran record promoter Loggins wore many hats ranging from sound engineer at a number of studios, record producer at A&M records, producing national syndicated radio shows and event producer. Throughout his career Loggins has been featured in magazines including Billboard, Gavin Report, Music Connection and Soap Digest, as well as on radio and internet news sites and vlogs.

With a distinguished career in radio promotion and marketing, Loggins has worked with many of the most popular music, ranging from John Mayer, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Kenny Loggins to Keith Urban and Brad Paisley.

One of Loggins‘  most recognizable achievements was his influence within the independent music scene as co-founder of the New Music Awards: New Music Biggest Night. The NMAs is the world’s first industry based awards show celebrating both independent and major artists, radio station programmers, record labels and industry executives which Loggins played a key role in developing. Loggins remains executive producer of the New Music Awards and oversees all elements of NMA’s innovative awards show.

Since the inception of the New Music AwardsLoggins founded AirplayAccess, the leader of digitally music servicing to radio programmers worldwide. Loggins went on to launch the New Music Showcase, a Country formatted music showcase held annually in Nashville “Music City U.S.A.”, TN during the country radio week when radio programmers converge upon Nashville from around the globe.

Today, Paul Loggins continues to lead radio promotion and marketing at the helm of his companies Loggins Promotion, LLC and Backstage Entertainment Group, LLC (parent company of AirplayAccess, STS and New Music Showcase and New Music Radio Network. Internationally, Loggins Promotion has contributed to the success of music artists and bands with more than 500 Top10 charted singles. Despite Loggins’ success in other areas of the entertainment industry, music and radio remain Loggins’ passion.