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Why mail CDs to radio when you can simply upload your music to AirplayAccess!

NO MORE pressing CDs and spending $$$ on postage!

airplay access

AirplayAccess does it all!

The Music Industry Source of servicing music digitally to radio programmers . . .worldwide!


100% free for all radio stations. No fees ever!Find the songs you never received from labels or artists.Integrated with the radio industry’s leading STS system for easy access to downloads and new releases.View charting sections and see which songs are most popular.


AirplayAccess is used by both major and independent artists/bands worldwide as a cost effective source when servicing their music to radio stations. Integrated with the leading radio airplay tracking source STS giving your music to exposure it deserves 24/7.


AirplayAccess is partnered with the top leading sources within the radio and music industry placing your music in the network of the hit makers.

Inside The Packages

Service your song to one genre or multiple genres. Including commercial, noncommercial radio, as well as Internet and syndicated radio shows. 

Why artists/labels use AirplayAccess?

  • No postage expenses, saving you $$$.
  • No more downtime waiting for radio to receive your CD
  • Cuts CD manufacturing costs.
  • 24/7 download tracking. Real-time tracking to view who and how much a release is downloaded.
  • Integrated with the radio industry’s radio airplay tracking system, STS.
  • AirplayAccess maximizes your release by sending out a press release announcing its availability.
  • View charting sections and see which songs are most popular.
  • Your music is available to radio for a minimum of three months. If your music charts, it will remain indefinitely.

Get Your Music To Radio Now