New Music Weekly, LLCRadio's most trusted voice

New Music Weekly prides itself in providing the industry with the most accurate and current data each and every week. NMW has dedicated entire sections of each weekly magazine towards the progression of Top40/Pop music. Features include editorials, highlights of top singles impacting radio, new music spotlights.

Our AC format consist of the most “cutting edge” radio stations within the United States. Those selected to be reporters to New Music Weekly magazine are stations which survive by “breaking” music by both Major and Indie artists. . .a foundation which the format has been built on.

New Music Weekly has revolutionized the way radio and record executives look at using STS technology used t o deliver the most highly accurate chart information available. New Music Weekly is the industry leading provider of information for our Country Chart information which covers music played at commercial.

Always two steps ahead, New Music Weekly has been known for creating trends. Such is the case with our College chart; a compilation of AAA, Loud Rock, RPM, Hip Hop, Jazz and Americana. Formats stand on their own foundation, industry executives have quickly realized that there is much common ground within College radio.

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